No one said that Life Would be Easy…

No one said that life would be easy! No one can claim that life IS easy!  I woke up this morning feeling rather blue, dejected, unmotivated, unloved and the list could go on… Even the weather seem to commiserate with me. Dull, grey with thick, heavy clouds threatening to spill its life-giving/life destroying fluid and drench the washing I had just hung.  My armour to help me get over this dreadful feeling is usually to keep busy, so I bustled away. Laundry done, breakfast done, housework done, evening dinner prepped. Responded to emails, read a couple of blogs and planted a tub of chilli seeds all before 8:00 am! Still, I can’t shake off this feeling. Oh what a long day this is going to be! Being my own personal motivator and cheerleader, I searched for ‘happy stuff’ on every medium.

First, I opened the back door with the intention of sitting under the peach tree and feed the birds. That is usually therapeutic. Then I glanced at the paving leading to the peach tree and groaned… I was greeted by a healthy littering of every weed imaginable…thorny ones, spiky ones, flat ones, purple ones, yellow ones, flowery ones. How could they have grown with such abandonment without me noticing? This is not lifting my spirits at all!

We’ve all been thrown that curve ball, and I am no different, I conclude.  Next, I went on to Face Book and chuckled at the reporter who was robbed on camera! It looked rather comical but in reality, this is the community we live in. I’ve been robbed a few years ago and the horror of utter helplessness when my kids were being robbed in front of me! Thankfully, we survived!

A post from a friend who had a health scare! Thank heavens, scare was the operative word and nothing more. Another post from a friend who is just basking in happiness! You’ll never know when love comes knocking at your door. So happy for you girlfriend! You undoubtedly deserve it!

Another couple celebrating 32 years of marriage, even though it was a roller coaster ride, they’re both happy that they could ride the storm. Wow! How awesome is that? I believe in love and I believe in marriage. My own parents are testimony to that. They’ll be celebrating 56 years of marriage come September. My dad believes in chivalry, the importance of keeping one’s word, bringing tea in bed for his wife, surprising her regularly with roses and her favorite chocolates, sharing household chores, holding hands while watching TV or while shopping.  My mum is equally doting. She refers to him as “My Man”!  That would make most men feel taller, empowered, after all, he is the keeper of her heart. They struggled like most of us, fell on hard times like most of us, lived through abject poverty but I believe the key is how you react to adversity. You could curl up and cry woe is me or you could choose to react positively.

Another post of a dear friend who suffered great losses… not only one, but two of his kids passed on. The devastating heartache of burying their children and the immense pressure it put on their marriage. They rode the storm, pierced through the grief and years later, finally renewed their vows! I shed a tear of happiness for them. I’m so proud that they didn’t opt for the easy way out!

When I think about the adversity that everyone out there may be suffering, the intense feeling of dejection, rejection, loneliness, hopelessness, pain, hunger, suffering at the hands of another, know this…. It is okay, to feel sad. Acknowledge it. Embrace it. Then…let it go! Let it go! Look for ways to improve the situation. React positively.  If you’re in an abusive relationship…make plans to get out safely and stay out!

I can see the sun peering through the clouds. The day isn’t going to be that bleak anymore. My spirits are lifting!

To the world out there, if you feel like you’re facing one up hill after another and looking for a reprieve, join me in saying out loud, “Dear Universe, I am ready for some love and laughter, some fun and happiness, some simple abundance so that I can share it or pay it forward”!



That scary “1st” Time…

Do you recall your first anything?

My “1st” everything was met with indecision, hesitation, lack of confidence… while we can’t remember our first tentative step, we can recall our first crush. That warm, flushed, heeding feeling like you on top of the world. Your heart racing like a runaway freight train… Oh and that first kiss… that fleeting self doubt of  “am I doing it right? Your first interview… trying to sound professional when you’re probably quaking with fear? Get my drift?

Digital Marketing Expert
Digital Marketing Expert

Well, this is my “1st” blog. It took me way too many months, actually years to build up the courage to put pen to paper as it were. So deep breath and here goes..

You never too old to learn a new trick or two, or know your endurance level unless you try no matter what your age. The trick is to quell that voice screaming in your head..No! You can’t! You’re too old! You’re too fat!  Tell that voice to just shut up and do it anyway.

If someone told me a year ago, that I will leave the company that I was working at…I would have replied. “Are you crazy? I love it here. This is where I want to retire”. But I left and started studying at BrandSchool SA and obtained a Professional Digital Marketing Diploma. The well meant advise not to change career paths when I’m suppose to prepare for retirement…Well, I didn’t listen. Typical Aries!

That I would join a musical band and play the Marimba to a crowd of approximately 2000 people…I would have said “Bollocks, how absurd,”, especially I have never ever played a musical instrument, let alone play to a crowd, while being well pass the half a century mark”…but  I did and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

I love my comfort, yet I went hiking at Magaliesberg Mountain Santuary a couple of weeks ago for kilometers on end in a rather rustic environment, being mindful of the poisonous creepy crawlies, sleeping on the floor in a tent in a sweltering heat wave. Trading comfort for getting back to nature? Oh yeah!

Advise for your scary 1st time..

  • Listen to your heart and if you feel that you can. You CAN!
  • Block out the negative voices, including yours…and do it anyway!
  • Live in the moment..Savor the experience!
  • You never know your endurance level until you try.
  • You have only one life! Don’t squander it on insignificant things, insecurities and anything not worth your time.

My next first.. to meta-morph into a mean nasty, witch from the Wild Wild West!

Suleila Montgomery

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Happy blogging!